Rubbery, elastic aliens that are sometimes called shifters or changelings, the Mmao can drastically change their body’s shape, and most are known for growing additional limbs, although some whom practice are quite capable of taking on the appearance of most anything that they can think of; some can even successfully ‘become’ that which they mimic. They are stronger than most Humans, but they also tend to be quite a bit slower. They enjoy philosophical debates and have a very dark sense of humor, indeed, Mmaos place a high value on one’s ability to make others laugh and make light of just about any situation. Unfortunately, the humor that Mmaos enjoy can make others very uncomfortable, and can be quite simplistic. A common phrase in the galaxy “Simpler than getting a Mmao to laugh” is employed when describing a task that is easy to complete. Fortunately, the Mmao do not take offense to this, in fact, it is one of their favorite jokes.

Personality: Mmaos are slow, thoughtful, and philosophical beings. Most Mmaos are open to new ideas and are more concerned with discovery than with conflict, power, wealth, or status. They judge themselves by the quality of their ideas and their ability to discuss important ideas wisely. Discussions and debates are among their favorite ways to relax. They delight in sharing jokes, although their sense of humor is rarely enjoyed as much by other species. Most Mmaos consider a shared joke a perfectly way to strengthen the bond between friends, and canny Mmaos even use jokes to confuse or disarm their enemies.

Appearance: A Mmao is a stout rubbery xenomorph. Its skin, a flexible yet also tough membrane, is white and lined with blue veins that meet at two nerve clusters that help to gather outside data, and function as eyes and ears. Mmaos have no skeletal structure and their organs are incredibly durable and are able to morph their shape along with the Mmao. Mmaos eat and breathe through their skin, absorbing nourishment directly into their bodies. All Mmaos are sexless, and reproduce by merging with another of their kind.

Homeworld: The Mmao hail from Gilinar, and also have a large population on Keladrone.

Nature: Libertine

Passion: Select one of your choice

Frailty: Gluttony

Favored Attributes: Physique, Humor, Patience. Mmao are incredibly strong, and living each and everyday to the fullest, with a song in their hearts and a smile upon their face. Well, if they had faces anyways. They are never rushed to accomplish their goals, and enjoy taking their time.

Poor Attributes: Agility, Manipulation, Magnetism. The Mmao’s body does not allow for them to move or react very quickly. Even though they enjoy jokes and debate, they are not very good at explaining their viewpoint or holding an audiences’ attention, as they tend to take long pauses and can talk quite slowly as times.

Size: Average (5)

Vision: Darkvision, Scent

Movement types and Speed Modifiers: When they have two legs, Mmao receive a -2 to their speed. For every two legs they grow, their speed improves by +1. They can’t, for the obvious reasons, really move about with any sort of functional locomotion without growing more than one leg.

Natural Talents:

  • Mmaos consider a shared joke a perfectly way to strengthen the bond between friends. +1
  • Canny Mmaos use jokes to confuse or pacify their enemies. +1
  • Mmaos place a high value on humor +2
  • Mmao are philosophical and thoughtful. +2
  • Discussions and debates are among their favorite ways to relax. +2
  • Mmao have an enhanced ability to tell when someone is lying to them. +3
  • Mmaos can often recognize people and places by scent alone. +3
  • Mmaos can shift and morph their shape, making it easy to crawl through tight spots and difficult for people to hold onto them. +5

Static Abilities:

  • A Mmao’s skin is stretchable and supported by a complex muscle structure. This allows them to change the shape of their bodies, within limits. They can “grow” arms and legs to use for walking and handling tools and weapons, and reabsorb limbs when they are not needed. Mmaos can have a number of limbs equal to 5 + Stamina score. The player must decide whether a limb is an arm or a leg when it is grown. Growing or absorbing a single limb takes an swift action. A limb can be up to 1 meter long, and no less than 10 cm thick. "Fingers’’ for handling items can be up to 10 cm long and no less than 1 cm thick. Even though a Mmao can have many arms, they are approximately as dexterous as human beings, if not a little less so, and as such they lack the reflexes to fire more than two weapons at once with any degree of accuracy; for each attack made with a ranged weapon after the first, a Mmao takes an accumulative -2 penalty to all of their attacks. Lastly, despite a Mmao’s stretching and shrinking, the pattern of veins and ridges on its skin does not change, so they have a permanent “fingerprint” for identification.
  • A Mmao can squeeze through any opening or passage as small as 1 inch in diameter, moving at one-quarter their normal speed. This ability also allows the Mmao to stretch out to be ten feet wide, albeit also as 1 inch thick.
  • Mmaos have no lungs, but breathe by diffusion of oxygen across the skin membrane. Not only do they breathe through the skin but also they acquire their sense of smell this way. With their entire body capable of processing odors, the olfactory ability is the keenest sense of a Mmao. It is so refined that Mmaos can often recognize people and places by scent alone. Breathing through the skin does not hinder the Mmaos’ ability to swim underwater. Absorbing air is a conscious act, and they can simply choose to “hold their breath” at any time- With no lungs, Mmaos produce speech by expelling air past a voice box from a contracting, bellows-type organ.

Verve Abilities:

  • For the price of a Verve, the Mmao can grow even more limbs than their maximum; it costs a Verve per extra limb past your maximum. Each lasts for a number of minutes equal to your Stamina Score.
  • Practiced Mmao are also able to change their shape to extreme degrees. They gain access to the Shapeshifting asset.

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