This report is to help you better understand the various species living around you; on a daily basis, you shall be interacting with each and every one of these races, or you will be fighting them. Always remember that as strange and weird another person may appear to you; you appear just as strange to them.

It is very important to have a character concept before you get started. Choose the race that best suits your character concept. The behavioral descriptions given below are intended as guidelines, not restrictions. Don’t take them as anything else. The only true restriction is that it’s up to the GM to judge whether something is out of character for a specific race. If the player can give a reasonable explanation for the reaction, the characteristic could stick.

How to read a Species entry

Common Species of the Galactic Concord:
These species are common members of the Galactic Concord, and can be played with little to no explanation.
Aleerin Peace in all things, Cyborgs
Dralasite Philosophers, Blobs, Blob Monster
Fraal Telepath, Little Grey Men-Harmony-Pedagogue
Humans Adaptable. Any drive, any nature
Ifshnit Furry People, Sensuality, Traders, Rapacity-bravo -Loyalty-Caregiver
Osakar What is individuality?, Many limbs-Piety, visionary
T’sa Fast Mechanics, Quick Little Reptiles-Valor-Competitor
Vrusk -Business, Orderly Ants-Order-Architect

Uncommon Species of the Galactic Concord
While these species are members of the Galactic Concord, most of their people are either rarely sighted off-world, or (in the case of the Sesheyan) are an indentured people. In either case, they can only be played if a player is able to explain what they are doing off-world and/or away from their people. It should be noted that while it is uncommon to run into these Species, their are still enough of them in the galaxy that they are considered movers and shakers.

Deepfallen Honorbound, Aquamen
Mechanon Live free, Robots-Endurance-Perfectionist
Sesheyan Hunters, Glide Monkey-Vengeance-Traditionalist, Duty, Survivor
Weren –Philosopher Warriors, Sasquatches-Intellect-Gambler

Rare Species of the Galactic Concord
These species also have representatives on the Galactic Concord, but are isolated to their own world, typically due to physical or cultural limitations. They are not available for play.

Other Species of the Galaxy
These species are typically culturally backwards, barbaric, or are otherwise completely uncooperative with the Galactic Concord and its laws. It should be noted that some of these species are not even above Cavemen society, but there is evidence that at one time or another, their civilization was mighty.


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