The Integration Act is signed

Operating in an area as diverse and complicated as the Verge, the stellar nations have adapted to new avenues and possibilities. In some ways, they’re more likely to work together in the Verge than in the Stellar Ring-despite their competition for Verge systems and planets. Simply put, the stellar nations don’t have enough assets to accomplish everything they want in the region, and commitments back home make it almost impossible to devote additional resources. So, they adopted the Integration Act. Passed by the Galactic Consulate, this measure gives greater latitude to military and government personnel. In short, given the permission of a commanding officer, military personnel can serve aboard independent vessels, ships of a Verge government, or even the vessels of another stellar nation.

For example, it’s not uncommon for the Galactic Concord military to act as crew members on free traders, and VoidCorp military personnel frequently travel on board corporate merchants that serve another government. As long as the cooperation makes sense to military commanders or serves some good purpose, it’s normally allowed. Of course, the captain or controlling officer aboard the integrated vessel must also agree to the assignment, and there are obvious exceptions. VoidCorp military would never work openly with the sesheyans of Grith or Insight military, and the Galactic Concord would never authorize its military personnel to work as corsairs, thugs, or smugglers.

Only 10% of military forces are eligible to participate in the Integration Act; the remainder are on active duty in more conventional environments. The Integration Act is one reason why Concord Administrators are so busy in the Verge; they must constantly adjudicate questions arising from this new mix of military and civilian personnel.

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The Integration Act is signed

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