United Planetary Federation

The United Planetary Federation, often simply abbreviated UPF was the interstellar organization that provided protection from outside and internal aggression, functioned as a forum for resolving altercations between its member planets, policed the galaxy, performed missions of exploration, and provided aid to populations unwillingly living below a certain standard of life. All of this was done to achieve the UPF’s primary purpose: to prevent an intergalactic war.

It was governed by the Council of Worlds, composed of delegates from each member planet, as well as observers from the most powerful megacorporations. It funded and controlled Star Law, Spacefleet, StarAid, and the SciCorps.

The UPF’s jurisdiction did not extend to the surface of its member planets, only to orbit. It was also not allowed to influence or manipulate a member government, thus its members range from Utopian democracies, to corporate worlds, all the way to totalitarian dictatorships and criminal-ruled governments that were near-anarchy. The UPF and its agents were free to make contact, trade, and help primitive civilizations, usually to protect them against the Sathar.

The Grand Meeting in 2073 saw the formation of the Council of Worlds along with the United Planetary Federation. At first, they where small and weak, do to the lack of available warships, and had to make do with privateers and yachts. The fledgling UPF put a lot of money into the research and development of modern warships, and it took time to finally field such craft.

Despite the grandeur with which it was created, the UPF ultimately proved incapable of preventing internal aggression. The beginning of the end occurred when the T’sa refused to join the Terran empire, and then joined the Council of Worlds without any outside sponsorship. This prompted the Terran Empire to withdrawal from the Council, who felt that the council was in error for not support the Terran Empire. Many colonies underneath the Empire’s banner began rebelling, finding that withdrawing from the Council of Worlds was a mistake, and the First Galactic War began in earnest. The onset of the first galactic war showed that the UPF had failed its primary purpose, which was to prevent an intergalactic war.

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United Planetary Federation

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