The Aleerin are a race of cyborgs, born not within their mother’s bodies but in mechanical tubes that combine their organic blue flesh with circuitry. They have ordered minds, which translates into a highly structured society and an equally organized outlook on life. However, they are deeply emotional, and although they can be calm and controlled during tense and dangerous situations, their emotional pendulum can swing to the other extreme in the climate of relaxation and celebration. Aleerin use these strong displays of positive emotion to remind themselves, as well as others, that they are more than just machines encased in biological bodies.

Personality: Although they think with the precision and logic of a machine, they are deeply emotional people who work hard to subdue their emotions. They possess the same range of emotions as humans, although they downplay them. Due to the many wars that took place in their history, the Aleerin have a culture that is incredibly opposed to violence, and as such, most Aleerin have an extreme distaste for it. They typically try to find solutions which avoid or minimize violence.

Appearance: An Aleerin can be easily mistaken for a human at a distance or in poor lighting, for he bears the general shape and size of a human. Closer inspection, however, reveals veins of circuitry that weave with the Aleerin’s flesh and blood to form a totally synthesized body. An Aleerin’s hair consists of combined protein strands and filaments of cable and wire. Even the Aleerin’s skeleton has been reinforced with super-strong synthetic metals, and bony protective plates cover the bioorganic flesh at the shoulders and across the chest. The Aleerins’ appearance has led them to be called ‘ Mechalus’; something that the Aleerins don’t seem to mind at all.

Homeworld: The Aleerin hail from the computerized world of Davck

Nature: Pacifist

Passion: Conviction

Frailty: Sorrow

Favored Attributes: Resolve, Composure, Peace. Aleerins possess highly analytically minds allow them to be unphased by the world, keeping them focused on their goals, and they have a great capacity for forgiveness.

Poor Attributes: Wisdom, Agility, Manipulation. Aleerin are usually focused elsewhere, and they don’t pick up on what happens in the world around them, slowing down their reaction time. They are also always directly to the point, something that can sometimes be very grating to many people.

Size: Average (5)

Vision: Standard

Movement types and Speed Modifiers: Land Speed normal

Natural Talents:

  • Aleerin think with the precision and logic of a machine +1
  • Calm and controlled during tense and dangerous situations +2
  • Wild and outgoing in climates of relaxation and celebration +2
  • Aleerin work hard to subdue their emotions +2
  • They typically try to find solutions which avoid or minimize violence. +3
  • Aleerins are born with computers and hardware inside of them, and either grow or install new components as they get older. As such, they are incredibly skilled with computers and all things technological. +3
  • The Aleerin’s flesh and blood form a totally synthesized body. +5

Static Abilities:

  • As long as there is a WiFi interface for it, Aleerin can use and access any Computer as a free action, and without a physical interface. Aleerin also have the unique ability to connect directly to computer systems. Tiny filaments extend from fingers, snaking into the computer in question and forming a solid link between body and machine. This link provides more precise control that any manual interface, and allows access at the speed of thought. Doing this grants them a +3 bonus to any checks made against the device, and a +1 bonus to all checks made using the device.
  • Aleerin receive 5 extra points to be used in purchasing the Plugin asset. Aleerin must use these.

Vigor Ability:

  • Overclocking: For the price of a Vigor, Aleerin can dampen their mental processes for an increase in raw power, which has been come to called a Overclocking. As a result, they take a -2 to all Mind and Charisma checks while gaining a +5 bonus to all Body checks for a number of rounds equal to their Stamina + 1.

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