Select own Nature, Drive, Vice, may select one Good attribute, more Merit dots, more Skill dots.

Species name: Humans
Home Planet: Earth
Primary Language(s): Anodes
General Attitude: The general state of Humansity can easily be defined in one word: Muddled. It is not that Humansity is particularly insane or hard to get along with; in fact, Humansity’s one consistent trait is that they easily adapt to any situation, and that makes them quite pleasant and easy to get along with. However, one cannot easily predict what a Humans’s attitude towards another person will be; at one moment, a Humans will be kind and pleasant to those around it; another moment, they might not have any problem with, for example, killing their own mother. I should, of course, stress the might, because in general, Humansity is not ruthless or evil. In conclusion, I would surmise that with their incredible ability to adapt and move onward and upward, Humans could quickly become some of the most powerful creatures in the known universe.
Particular Abilities: A yearning for freedom, control and a constant drive for more knowledge and understanding. Humans are also fairly good swimmers and have appendages perfect for the activities of climbing and running.
Particular Disadvantages: To this date, the only thing that could be considered a weakness is that Humans, while they can adapt, also adapt by ‘not’ adapting; IE, Humans have a great tendency to go insane compared to most other races. This is not to say that all Humans are crazed, but it does mean that most Humans can be more easily influenced

Humans: +2 to one ability score: Humans characters get a +2 bonus on one ability score of their choice at creation, to represent their varied nature.
Humans do not receive 4 skill points at first level, just one.
HP Bonus at first level: +6

Humans –Adaptable. Any drive, any nature

Human –Adaptable. Any drive, any nature

+2 Any

Bonus to two skills

Skill Points


Bonus AP, +1 bonus to AP

Tenacity, gives bonus to saving throws

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