Ifshnit: A diminutive race of beings resembling small, squat, furry Humans, the Ifshnit are traders and travelers who are particularly adapt with biological technology. Most find them to be brave, patient and likeable, and members of other races usually like them instantly. For their part, the Ifshnit, while they do enjoy their time with others, spend most of their free time by themselves, electing to spend this time in study and meditation.

Ifshnit- Traders, Little Cute People-Loyalty-Caregiver

+4 Chr, -2 Phy (Know how to talk to people, not very strong)

Small, 20ft speed

Bonus to Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Aficionado, Will, Linguistics

Bonus Skill Points

Polyglot: Gain two more languages at first level. Ranks in Linguistics skill gives two languages instead of one.


Charmer: Targets always one higher on starting attitude chart than normal

Quick Tongue: Make Social Attacks much faster than normal

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