Osakar: Osakar are very tall, long-limbed creatures. Four legs grow symmetrically from the lower portion of their barrel-shaped bodies. The incredible physical similarities between Osakars has an interesting impact on Osakar society. All Osakar are absolutely equal and have the same rights. They are the only race that has achieved perfect equality. Their lack of distinguishing features not only reinforces this equality, but also channels their natural inclination toward individuality in a most unusual direction. No two Osakar sound alike, the inflection and tone of their voice being unmistakably different. Some even adopt other languages permanently. But the Osakar desire for individualism is most notably expressed in their apparel. They absolutely love fashion. Gaudy, tasteful, tacky, luxurious, the range of Osakar apparel is without limits and changes continuously. Osakar do not limit their outfits to one gender or species; any clothing that fits, from any culture or time period, may be worn by an Osakar.

Osakar- What is individuality?, Many limbs-Piety, visionary

+4 Dex, -2 Phy (Quick but weak)

Small, 40ft

Climb speed, 20ft

Bonus to Science, Linguistics, Religion

Polyglot: Gain two more languages at first level. Ranks in Linguistics skill gives two languages instead of one.

Shingled Skin: DR 1/-

Duplicate any Sound (EP)

Multi-jointed: +4 bonus to thievery checks made to Escape, one size smaller for purposes of squeezing into and through small spaces.

All alike, but: All Osakar look exactly alike. However, they sound differently. Trying to impersonate a particular Osakar, +10 bonus, if they talk, bonus falls to +5.


Armor Restriction

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