Sehseyan-Warriors, Flying Aliens-Duty-Survivor

Outside the borders of VoidCorp, many sentients believe that the sesheyans of Grith got a raw deal. In fact, the entertainment industry relishes the situation as a forum for social criticism. In holofilm, even the most nefarious sesheyan assassins are depicted as unwilling pawns to be pitied or even rescued. It’s a sure bet that holos depicting such plots, or anything involving rebellious sesheyans, don’t make it inside VoidCorp.

VoidCorp survey ships landed on Sheya on July 13, 2274. Since that day, the sesheyans have fallen under the control of the corporate state. The sesheyans call it aikeita, ‘The Day of Ghosts: That day, and the subsequent signing of the Sesheyan Compact, ended the sesheyan’s peaceful if primitive lifestyle. The interstellar community, represented by the Terran alliances, could do no more than stand by and express shock and dismay. Even the sesheyans who avoided conscription into the ranks couldn’t completely avoid VoidCorp’s influence. VoidCorp personnel wander Sheya at will, inspecting, analyzing, and monitoring all of sesheyan society.

VoidCorp and its Employees, however, see the entire affair differently. VoidCorp found the sesheyans living in terrible straits, victims of a stagnant culture. Far worse off than even the most destitute VoidCorp Employee, the sesheyans were living on the edge, forced to fend off dangerous predators with bone knives and animal skins. They lived in crude houses cut into trees. VoidCorp brought the sesheyans out of the darkness of their own ignorance, bringing enlightenment to the dark jungle world. VoidCorp provided the sesheyans with humanity’s most advanced technology, and invited them to join a growing, successful society in the stars.

At what cost? None. The sesheyans became VoidCorp citizens-Employees, actually-just like any other. They have clear and equal rights under official corporate memoranda. They have equal, if not superior, opportunities for advancement, given their unique skills. The elevation of more than a dozen sesheyans to vice presidential level (ZA or above) demonstrates VoidCorp’s commitment to promotion through achievement.

It’s true that sesheyans are rarely found outside VoidCorp, but their numbers were never very large. A few million among 17 billion have made their way, illegally, to join other stellar nations. Some escaped with Insight during the Second Galactic War. And, to answer the complaints of many, VoidCorp legally recruited almost half a billion sesheyan employees to join in the formation of the Galactic Concord. Even so, 95% of the sesheyan populace remain productive members of VoidCorp

+4 Dex, -2 Chr (Agile but lack social grace)

Darkvision 120ft, Blindsense 5 feet

Flight 40ft, Good. Speed drops to 30ft in light armor, can’t fly in heavier armor. Wings unfurl to reduce falling damage.

+2 Perception, +2 Fly, +2 Survival, +2 Tactics

Armor Restriction

Light Sensitivity

Technophobia: -4 to all checks related to technology

Zero-G Provides no negatives

Bonus with all spears

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