Vrusk: Large, ant-like beings, they are quicker than Humans, but not as strong. Vrusk make excellent businessmen, merchants, and diplomats. They love art, music and aesthetic beauty. Vrusk are driven, practical beings who base their society and values around independent corporations. A vrusk’s company determines whom the vrusk lives with, what the vrusk’s job is, where the vrusk travels, and so forth. Often, a vrusk gives her company name before her personal name, and any vrusk in the service of a company usually refers to herself as “we.”

Physical: A vrusk resembles a large insect. Eight legs grow from her abdomen, four on each side. Her somewhat humanoid torso is mounted upright in front of the abdomen, and she has two arms connected at the shoulders. Vrusk hands are circular pads with five fingers spaced evenly around the edge. A vrusk’s shoulders are double-jointed, allowing her to rotate her arms in a full circle without straining any muscles. This flexibility also enables a vrusk to reach any point on her abdomen or behind her back easily. A hard, jointed carapace covers the vrusk’s body. The carapace protects the vrusk from bruises, cuts, scratches, and other minor injuries. A young vrusk has a blue carapace with bright orange near the joints. As the vrusk ages, her carapace changes to dull green with yellow joints. Unlike insects, a vrusk has an internal skeleton supporting her body. Her large eyes are protected by hard, transparent enamel, and four large eating mandibles surround the vrusk’s mouth. The two larger mandibles hold food while the small ones tear it apart and place it in the mouth. Vrusk are omnivores. They have lungs and breathe through many small nostrils under their abdomens; this arrangement makes it difficult for vrusk to swim. The average vrusk measures 5 feet tall and 5 feet long and weighs 185 to 200 pounds. Vrusk have excellent color vision, but they see more of the short wavelengths (blue and ultraviolet light) than humans do, and less of the long wavelengths (orange and red). Their sense of smell is centered in their antennae and is slightly better than the average human’s. They can also touch with their antennae. Their hearing is about the same as a human’s. A vrusk’s speech combines mandible clicks with buzzes produced by a plate in her mouth.

Homeworld: Vrusk come from K’zah-Kit.

Vrusk: Vrusk receive the Two-weapon fighting feat for free at first level.
HP Bonus at first level: +6

Vrusk-Business, Orderly Ants-Order-Architect

Vrusk-Business, Orderly Ants-Order-Architect

+2 Int, +2 Wis, -2 Phy (Bright and perceptive, but not very strong)

40ft, Quadruped

Bonus to Business, Civics, Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Common Sense -4 to Swim

Bonus to Skill Points

Darkvision 60ft

NA +3, DR 1/-


Armor Restriction

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